Backyard pool drownings are on the rise

//Backyard pool drownings are on the rise

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Another drowning incident in Kellyville Ridge, of twins 23 months old, proves that even proper fencing cannot be enough to save toddlers if they are not under constant watch from their parents, within arm’s reach at all times around the pool. Police said that Robbie and Charli Manago slipped out of their parents’ view for only a short time before they were found unconscious in the backyard pool, despite the pool having met all NSW safety requirements. Matt Preston and Royal Life Saving’s recent World’s Most Costly video emphasizes how small distractions as fast as checking the oven, stepping away to take a phone call or going to the bathroom can give ample time for a disaster to strike. It also covers common mistakes such as leaving the responsibility of supervision with an older sibling who is still a child.