CPR determining the difference between life and death

//CPR determining the difference between life and death

Prevent pool drownings today

Galaxy Research Australia conducted a survey which revealed that one in three parents would not know what to do if their child needed CPR, 28 per cent of parents who have access to a pool said they did not know CPR. These statistics highlight an area of negligence in Australian parents in terms of the safety of their child in pools, an issue able to be solved with little to no complication as CPR can be learned in less than an hour.
Backyard pool drownings are always preventable with constant supervision and the extra precautions of fencing and proper swim education. The next twelve months will not see a smaller death toll for backyard drownings unless the cautions are heeded and tragic drownings taken as a warning to Sydney parents as it is more than likely that Sydney will see another record or near-record summer again, come the end of this year.