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Pool Certification Sydney

Rely on PoolCC for Certifying your Swimming Pools

Sydney is one of the world’s greatest cities. The abundant natural beauty of the harbour and the rolling surf of its beaches make for an idyllic locale to live, play and explore. Sydneysiders aren’t just content with nature’s waterways. Famous outdoor pools like the Icebergs near Bondi Beach or the Boy Charlton pool near the Domain host swimmers of all ages. Rain or shine, poolside partiers enjoy fun in the sun all year round. With the prolonged heatwave in Sydney starting in late 2016, pools all around the city have welcomed the biggest crowd yet. In a span of half a year, a record number of one million residents and visitors have jumped into the clear blues of Sydney’s top water sports and recreational facilities. This obsession with the water is also found at home. Tens of thousands of Sydneysiders have a pool or spa in their backyards, perfect for a cool dip, a summer soiree or a winter plunge.

NSW Pool Register

Before you put your toes in the water, it’s essential to know if your pool poses hidden hazards. Recent changes to laws in New South Wales mean that a home or property with a pool or spa cannot be sold or rented until it has a valid certificate of safety compliance. These legal revisions highlight the utmost importance of having a pool certification in Sydney. Getting your swimming pools certified is no longer optional—it is mandatory. At PoolCC, we take on a safe, cost effective and timely approach to the entire process

Undergoing a Certified Pool Operator Test

Drowning is the leading cause of preventable death of children aged under five in Australia. Pools and spas can also have slippery walkways or features that increase the risk of serious injury. With visible swimming pool signs, water safety tips and valid compliance, accidents can be prevented. Pool inspections are crucial as it gives homeowners in Sydney an insight into the safety of their pool areas. Through a thorough assessment of their facilities, problem areas are diagnosed right away. Swimming pool barriers that need improvements can be identified and work quickly arranged to bring them up to code. Once that’s done, a valid certificate of safety compliance can be issued. This brings peace of mind that any legal obligation has been met while ensuring the pool or spa is a safe place.

Experts in NSW Pool Certification

PoolCC is the local expert for pool certification services in Sydney. Located in the northern suburbs, our company is run by a team of professionals with over 50 years of combined experience. Backyard pools and spas are thick on the ground where we are based so we are old hands in the industry.Since establishing the company, we have conducted hundreds of thorough pool safety inspections and finished numerous minor repairs. Helping homeowners bring their pools and spas up to relevant standards and regulations and in turn, have a valid certificate of safety compliance issued is our mission. It’s essential that Sydneysiders have a pool safety inspection carried out as soon as possible to comply with changes in NSW law.

For more information about Pool Certification Sydney, call Pool CC on 02 8005 6167 today. If you prefer email, contact us at enquiry@poolcc.com.au.