A swimming pool certification Q&A

//A swimming pool certification Q&A

A swimming pool certification Q&A

If you have a swimming pool, you have to make sure it fulfils the latest swimming pool certification requirements. The regulations were recently updated, so we have prepared this helpful Q&A so that you know all about your responsibilities when it comes to swimming pool certification.

Common pool certification questions

What is the definition of a pool?

Any vessel, structure or excavation that is capable of being filled with water to a depth of 30 centimetres and enjoyed for swimming or paddling is deemed a pool. It includes spas, unless that spa is within a bathroom.

What is swimming pool certification?

Any pool or spa needs to have valid swimming pool certification in the form of a certificate of compliance. This shows that the pool and the barrier or fence are safe and legal.

What do I do if I’m buying or selling a house?

If it has a pool, you need to make sure that swimming pool certification documentation is attached to the contract. If it is not, the contract can be rescinded and settlement may not take place.

Does it apply to all kinds of properties?

Yes. The swimming pool certification rules apply to houses, townhouses, units and even strata, community schemes and moveable dwellings. Not only that, hotels, apartments, backpacker’s lodgings and bed and breakfasts are also covered.

How do I get pool certification?

You need to go to your local council or an accredited private certifier, who for a fee will do an inspection and issue the swimming pool certification if it meets all the requirements.

Can I check if it already has swimming pool certification?

Go to the NSW Swimming Pool Register, which will show whether a valid swimming pool certification is in place.

What if my certificate of compliance is over three years old?

You will need to get a new certificate of compliance, as swimming pool certification is only valid for three years from the date of issue.

What if my pool fails an inspection?

The council or private certifier will simply give you a list of all the things that meant your pool did not achieve swimming pool certification. If it fails on a second inspection, an order to rectify the problems may be issued.

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