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There are tens of thousands of swimming pools and spas across Sydney. They come in all shapes, sizes and uses – but they all have one thing in common. New legislation just passed means that every property with a pool or spa in NSW must have a Pool Compliance Certificate. Without one, the property cannot be

Through this legal change, authorities are aiming to improve the safety levels of pools and spas within NSW.

For many homeowners, the process to comply with the law can seem daunting. To help, here’s a quick guide of everything you need to know to make sure your pool or spa is safe – and legal.

What is a Pool Compliance Certificate?

In most states of Australia, local authorities require that all swimming pools or spas (whether at home or in commercial use) have adequate barriers and safety features.

These include barriers and gates to ensure that unsupervised children do not enter the water and risk drowning or injury, as well as covers for pool suction vents and non-climbable surfaces.

In NSW, a Pool Compliance Certificate is issued to homeowners with pools and spas when their vessel has been inspected by an accredited organisation and found to meet the relevant legal safety standards and regulations.

What are the advantages of having a Pool Compliance Certificate?

By getting a Pool Compliance Certificate, homeowners with pools and spas can ensure they meet their obligations under NSW legislation.

This allows them to satisfy a legal condition for selling or leasing the property as well as reinforcing the safety standards of the recreational water body they host.

What are the risks for not having a Pool Compliance Certificate?

Under new laws, a NSW property with a pool or spa that doesn’t have a Pool Compliance Certificate cannot be leased or sold. In addition, homeowners who do not get Pool Compliance Certificate in NSW run the risk of incurring fines, over $5,000 for some breaches.

Overall, the risk of not having a certificate is that safety is ignored, increasing the chance of death or serious injury.

Pool CC can help

Attaining a Pool Compliance Certificate may seem tricky, but the experts at Pool CC can help make this process quick and easy by managing it from beginning to end.

Pool CC will inspect your property, generate a detailed report that identifies any areas for improvement, and is fully accredited to issue a Pool Compliance Certificate once any necessary required changes are made.

To get your Pool Compliance Certificate with peace of mind, call Pool CC on 02 8005 6167 or email us at enquiry@poolcc.com.au if you prefer.