All you need to know about pool fence regulations NSW

//All you need to know about pool fence regulations NSW

All you need to know about pool fence regulations NSW

Is your pool safe? Would it pass a government safety check? Pool fence regulations NSW are quite strict, and as a pool owner you need to be aware of them to keep your children, and children who are visiting you at your home, safe.

The pool fence regulations NSW may be applicable to you, depending on when your pool was built. For example, if it was built before 1st August 1990, you don’t necessarily need a fence around your pool but the windows and doors of your home would have needed to be compliant at this time and maintained this way so children cannot access the pool from the house.

If your pool was built after this date but before 1st July 2010, your pool must have a fence around it, separating it from the house. However, there are certain exemptions to this law, such as if you have a very large or small property, or if your home is in a waterfront location.

If your pool was built after this date, there are no exceptions to the law and all properties need to have a separate pool fence separating the water from the house.

Pool fence measurements 

When constructing your pool fence, you must ensure children cannot climb through any gaps, or climb over the top of it.

Therefore, in NSW your fence must be 1200mm high or more, and not have a gap anywhere in the barrier that is larger than 100mm and from the finished ground beneath it.

The vertical members on the fence also need to be no more than 100mm apart. Finally, if there are horizontal bars in the fence, these need to be a minimum of 900mm apart so children cannot use them to climb over the top of the fence.

Ensuring kids can’t climb the fence

Another part of the law is clearing the fence of any materials children can use to help them climb over the pool.

Any objects, whether they are trees, barbecues or chairs, cannot be placed within 900mm of the outside of the internal fence and 300mm on the inside of this fence so children can’t use them to clamber over the barrier.

We hope this guide will help you to prepare your fence safely for this summer. If you need more information regarding pool fence regulations NSW please call PoolCC on 02 8005 6167 or drop us an email