Pool safety inspections – what do you need to know?

//Pool safety inspections – what do you need to know?

Pool safety inspections – what do you need to know?

If you are buying, selling or about to rent out a home that has a pool, you need to comply with laws regarding pool safety inspections in order to meet NSW regulations.

Here are some of the most common reasons that pool safety inspections are failed:

  • Fences not designed to Australian standards
  • Gate latches or hinges are not compliant
  • Gaps in fence greater than 100 mm
  • Climbable fence/barrier
  • Trees and other objects near the fence can be climbed
  • No swimming pool safety sign visible

Here are some other questions you might be asking yourself if you are preparing for a pool safety inspection:

Does my fish pond need a fence?

No. As long as it really is only being as a garden fish pond, you will not need a pool safety inspection or a child-resistant barrier. It would however be a good idea to install a safety mesh to restrict the depth and the access of small children.

Does my spa need a fence?

Regarding a pool safety inspection, your indoor bathroom spa bath is not categorised as a pool. However, if it is outside, a spa is deemed to be a pool, but it doesn’t need a fence if it is covered with a suitable lockable spa cover.

Does my blow-up or portable pool need a fence?

Yes, it must comply with the Australian Standard.

What if I have an existing exemption for pool fencing – does the exemption still apply?

Yes, but if you have made substantial changes, or you have decided to fence the pool voluntarily, you may be subject to a pool safety inspection and ensuring the barrier meets current regulations.

Is child safety the government’s responsibility?

No. The government sets the law and writes the regulations regarding pool safety inspections, but the pool owner takes full responsibility for ensuring the pool barrier is maintained compliant, and that children are properly supervised around your pool.

If I don’t actually need a pool safety inspection, can I get one anyway?

Yes, and it is a good idea, particularly if you are planning to eventually sell or lease the property.

Can I obtain a private pool safety inspection?

Yes. While local councils can do pool safety inspections, private certifiers are fully empowered to also issue compliance certificates.

For more information or answers to your questions regarding pool safety inspections, call PoolCC on (02) 8005 6167.