Safety is at risk without pool certification

//Safety is at risk without pool certification

Is your pool certified?

Swimming lessons from a young age, paired with a carer’s practice in resuscitation and basic lifesaving skills could determine your child’s safety. With approximately 50 per cent of children graduating from primary school without the ability to swim 50 metres, a figure 25 per cent greater than it was a decade ago, and to follow, an even higher per cent of children under 5 without basic swimming skills such as floating and blowing bubbles underwater, the likelihood of the death toll for toddlers due to drowning can only increase. Michael Ilinsky of the Royal Life Saving Society has said that the slowly rising cost of swimming lessons has had the value of these vital skills overlooked and “tightly squeezed” to make way for other options offered by schools such as rock-climbing and ice-skating. To avoid this risk, swimming lessons should be regarded as a more important part of development for children of young ages to ensure they have at least the bare minimum of survival skills in the water.