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Pool Compliance Services

Our aim at Pool Compliance Certification is to provide a streamline service that makes the process of obtaining a swimming pool compliance certificate as stress free as possible for homeowners, real estate agent’s, solicitor’s and any pool owner, from initial enquiry to the issue of the pool compliance certification.

Inspection Reports

If after a thorough inspection of your swimming pool, we find there are in fact some non-compliances, a detailed report will be provided to you outlining why. The report includes photograph’s and diagrams where necessary to provide you with a clear description of the rectification work required.

Issue Pool Compliance Certificate

Certifiers at Pool Compliance Certification are ALL accredited with the Building Professionals Board and are permitted to issue Swimming Pool Compliance Certificates under NSW regulations. If you need Pool Compliance Certification for the sale or lease of your property, we understand the time constraints involved and urgency to get your certificate processed as quickly as possible.

Swimming Pool Register

Our services provide a full revision of the swimming pools register for your property after inspections are carried out and Compliance Certificates are issued.


Should you have any uncertainty or questions on the Pool Compliance Services we provide we are only an email or phone call away. We believe that reliability and responsiveness are some of the best qualities a business can have, and in this regard, here at Pool Compliance Certification, we are second to none. Give us a call today on 02 9980 9528.