Got questions about swimming pool compliance?

//Got questions about swimming pool compliance?

Got questions about swimming pool compliance?

You may not know it, but if you have a pool in NSW, you need a swimming pool compliance certificate.

What is a pool compliance certificate?

Any property with a pool or outside spa that is being sold or leased must now have a valid swimming pool compliance certificate. The state and local government takes pool safety very seriously, and so any sale or lease needs to have a compliance certificate annexed to the agreement. Without one, the land cannot be advertised, let alone sold or leased.

How do I get a compliance certificate?

A compliance certificate for your pool or spa can be obtained from local council or an accredited private certifier. They will carry out an inspection, and if your pool and property meet all of the requirements, they will issue you with a compliance certificate.

Does my pool need a certificate?

If it’s an in-ground, above-ground, indoor or even a portable pool, including spas that can be filled with at least 300mm of water, then the answer is yes: you need a compliance certificate. Internal bathroom spas that are filled up and then emptied do not need certification.

Can I check if I have a valid compliance certificate?

Yes. If your pool has a swimming pool compliance certificate that is valid, it will be listed on the NSW Swimming Pool Register. Check their website to see if your pool is listed:

How long does my certificate last?

Once a new swimming pool compliance certificate is issued on a residential property, it will remain valid for a period of three years.

If I’m selling my property, what should I do?

If your property has a pool, you cannot list it for sale until a valid scompliance certificate or non-compliance certificate is issued. The certificate then needs to be annexed to the sale contract – and if you don’t, settlement may not occur.

What about leasing my property?

Basically, the same applies. If you are leasing your home with a pool, you must first check that a valid pool compliance certificate exists for the pool or spa. Once you’ve found a tenant, you will need to give them a copy.

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