Keeping your pool safe for children during summer

//Keeping your pool safe for children during summer

Keeping your pool safe for children during summer

Summer is coming and with that comes dreams of sitting by the pool as the kids play happily in the sun. Perhaps you are looking to buy or rent a new place and you are wondering if the pool is up to scratch and meets swimming pool regulations? Or the little ones are begging you for a pool but you are slightly hesitant? 

Swimming pool regulations to keep your children safe

1) Pool fencing
Pool safety inspections are necessary to ensure that all pools meet pool fencing regulations. A pool fence is the most important way to protect unsupervised children from entering the pool area. A pool fence, to meet NSW regulations, must be at least 1.2m high measured outside the barrier, not have a gap under the barrier of greater than 100mm or gap between each vertical slat greater than 100mm or contain horizontal bars inside specific zones that could be climbed.

2) Gate closing and latching devices
The most compliant fence is no match for an open gate. A pool gate must not be able to be propped open, it must swing outwards and needs to automatically lock with a self-latching device. These latches are sold at most hardware stores and pool specialty stores.

3) Fence and gate maintenance 
Just as you would with your car, a pool fence and gate needs to be regularly maintained. Hinges, latches, bolts and screws need to be regularly checked. This especially helps to ensure the fence protects you and your children and meets swimming pool regulations.

4) Get a private pool safety inspection
Yes, you can get a private pool safety inspection from either your local council or a private certifier company. This is an excellent way to give yourself and your family piece of mind that the pool in your future or current home is safe. 

A pool in your home can offer you great joy and memories that will last well beyond the summer months. Ensure that the pool fencing regulations and swimming pool regulations are met and enjoy the pool in your home.

For more information regarding swimming pool regulations or inspections, call PoolCC on (02) 8005 6167.